The HR Coach- Lynne Bard

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Supporting you in your growth personally and for your business.

The HR Coach- Lynne Bard is a Transformation HR Consultant and Coach with over 30 years’ experience in Human Resources, Operations & Finance, Strategic Planning and Training & Development.  Lynne’s expertise has won several awards of excellence in these fields lending experience & credibility to organizations with best practice solutions & processes that lend to the success of her client’s businesses.

Lynne’ expertise in a multitude of sectors allows her to support clients across the country.  Sectors include but not limited to: Hospitality, Manufacturing, Automotive, Technology, Agriculture, Construction, Finance, Service, Professional and Scientific and Pharmaceutical. 

Lynne specializes in mentoring and coaching leaders in the organization to assist them in their roles.  Beyond Rewards and The HR Coach were developed out of Lynne’s passion for HR and her love of helping others to succeed. 

Lynne Bard as an executive coach provides the following supports to her clients:

  • Works with senior leaders within an organization to develop strategic HR goals, develop processes and guidelines that align with the strategic organizational goals.
  • Consults on developing productivity guidelines and goals within the organization, resulting in high-level planning per position
  • Works with business owners and senior leaders to set financial goals aligned with expectations to ensure that their human capital plans align with the budget and possess the right skills.
  • Provides training and outplacement services to streamline operations
  • Provides leadership coaching to Leaders through Mastermind Groups online and face-to-face
  • Provides leadership coaching to evaluate, set goals, develop an action plan, look at ways to overcome obstacles and assess your progress.
  • In all coaching sessions, “The HR Coach” will support your action for change and encourage self awareness as well as holding you accountable for your goals that are set.

Coaching Supports:

HR Coach & Mentor

Mentoring is a long-term relationship in which I will be there for you to guide you through processes over the life of your business – as an owner, through your career with your current and future organizations you work for as a supervisor, manager, employee – I will be here to support you.

Coaching, on the other hand, is for a shorter period of time in which I will guide you through a step by step process based on your specific needs/goals in a more structured and formal approach.

As your mentor and coach, I will be here to support you through your journey, whether you are the business owner, a manager, supervisor or an employee who needs support – I will be there to support you.

Align Strategic Business & HR Goals

Strategic human resource management is the connection between a company’s human resources and its organizational strategies, objectives, and goals.

Strategic Planning Coaching Support

I will assist you in developing your strategic HR plan and getting past the goal setting stage.

Develop Your HR Skills

Coaching that will develop your HR Skills: Business Owners need HR Skills in order to successfully run their business. Supervisors and managers need HR Skills in order to successfully complete their jobs and meet the goals set for them.

The following are just a few we will work through in our coaching sessions:

  • Recruiting 101
  • People management skills
  • Performance management.
  • Mentoring and coaching your team.
  • Employee Manuals
  • Legislation
  • Strategic HR Planning

Through a partnership with Corporate Training international, you will have access to training solutions at an affordable price to assist in achieving your goals.

People Management Strategies

I will assess your needs and assist you in developing your people management strategies – from recruitment through the life cycle of your employee with performance management-reviews, personal improvement plans, return to work, accommodations and individual performance issues – i will walk you through each process and how to address different challenges.

Become a Member of the ON-LINE Mastermind Group and Get Exclusive Access to Online Supports!

About the Group!

Join the Online Mastermind Group – Get access to like minded members who together we will help each other succeed! This is a new group – as you grow, we grow and succeed together! Our membership fee is $600 plus applicable taxes (13%) and are billed annually($50/month). Get two 30 minute one-on-one coaching sessions included with your membership (regular $300.00/hour). Plan to do work for both sessions.

How to Join the Group!

Partner Organizations:

Beyond Rewards HR – providing HR ON-CALL services as you need it. From Talent Management – Planning your team, recruitment, onboarding, performance and career development; Development – policies and procedures, handbooks and training; Outplacement – assisting with the exit of employees and everything in between and Custom Training Programs – specific to your needs.

The Assessment Centre – providing Psychometric Assessments to help grow your team and provide insight into personality and ability.

Acute Environmental – providing Health and Safety Training from your Health and Safety Committee Rep training, Working at Heights, Fall Arrest, and much much more.